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Wrongful Death Claim

Represented children whose mother was killed in a motor vehicle accident.

A young mother, with two children under the age of 7, was a passenger in a car that crashed into a truck parked illegally on the side of a highway, and perished.  The case was challenging in that the driver of the car the mother was a passenger in was prosecuted for driving under the influence, but Haffner Law was able to overcome the defense and obtain a significant settlement for the children.

settlement for


settlement for


Tire Defect Claim

Represented children whose mother was killed in a motor vehicle accident.

A family returning from a trip to Las Vegas had a tire blow out while driving on the highway, resulting in loss of control, rolling of the automobile, and a serious accident.  The mother died as a result, and the children suffered significant injuries.  The tire company claimed it did not have liability because the tire was 10 years old and had been repaired multiple times, which the tire company stated were improper.  Joshua Haffner nevertheless secured a substantial settlement.

Underinsured Motorist Insurance Bad Faith Verdict

Represented through trial an elderly gentleman badly injured in car accident.

A man in his 80s was rear-ended on the 405 freeway, and suffered serious injuries.  The driver who hit him did not have enough insurance to cover the injuries, and the injured man’s insurance company, which provided underinsured motorist coverage, refused to fairly settle his claim, requiring an arbitration.  Once a favorable result was secured in arbitration, Joshua Haffner brought a bad faith case against the injured man’s insurance company for failing to fairly settle prior to arbitration.  Joshua Haffner secured a bad faith verdict against the insurance company, and significant additional compensation for the injured man for his insurance company’s bad faith in handling the car accident claim.

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settlement for


Automobile Defect Claim

Represented a young women seriously injured in a car accident because of a defect in the automobile’s seatbelt system.

The young woman was a passenger in a car late at night, and reclined her seat to nap during the ride home.  The car she was in rear ended another vehicle which had stopped and was blacked out on the freeway.  Because the young lady’s seat reclined, her body slid below the belt, cutting into her stomach and causing very serious abdominal injuries, in a process referred to as a “submarine effect” that was well-known to the car companies.  Joshua Haffner successfully  sued the automobile manufacturer for product defect for having a seat decline too much without an adequate warning on the increased danger that causes for seatbelt use.


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