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Bicycle Accident

Los Angeles Bicycle Accident Lawyers

Know your rights on and off the road as a cyclist who follows traffic and pedestrian rules and regulations. When you have enough information and one of our experienced bicycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles on your side, you increase your chances of getting the compensation and benefits you deserve.

The team of LA Car Accident Lawyers has over 20 years of experience in car accident and personal injury cases. We are the best people to represent your road rights as a cyclist should you sustain injuries due to the actions of reckless drivers.

As a Bicyclist, You Are Vulnerable on the Road

A helmet, rash guards, and knee and elbow pads are hardly reliable protection when faced with a speeding, four-wheel vehicle. As a cyclist, the risk to your life is far greater than that of a car driver; no matter how well you follow the rules on the road, accidents can still happen.

Below are the common causes of bicycle accidents:

  • Negligence – Distracted driving, speeding, opening car doors in the way of a biker’s lane
  • Refusal to yield the right-of-way – Turning left without slowing down, checking rear-view mirrors, or watching for incoming traffic
  • Flaws in public works – Open potholes, uneven pavements, debris on the road

What to Do First

Shock, confusion, and perhaps pain will be the first things you’ll feel immediately after your accident. Once you recover your bearings, however, remember to obtain the other driver’s information:

  • Name, contact information, and driver’s license
  • The car’s license plate
  • Photographs of the crash, including the damage to your bicycle and your visible injuries
  • Video from nearby CCTV cameras or dash cameras from involved vehicles

If you weren’t in the condition to do these at that time, call for reinforcements. Contact our Los Angeles bicycle accident attorneys, and we will secure the information and other pieces of evidence that will help your personal injury case.

What We Can Do

In California, you need to establish that the other motorist is at fault before you can file for an insurance claim. Our relentless and clever Los Angeles bicycle accident lawyers can help you build a strong case. We will also help you deal with insurance companies that might deny your claims.

Our goal is for you to receive financial support from careless motorists who inflicted pain, trauma, and financial hardship on you or someone you love. We’ll work tirelessly so that you’ll receive the compensation you deserve.

  • Medical expenses, including rehabilitation and life care
  • Lost wages (e.g., having to stay confined in the hospital)
  • Impairment or disability which limits your capacity to make a living
  • Property damage
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death

Let Us Help

Talk to our bicycle accident attorney in Los Angeles as soon as possible. Remember, California law states that the statute of limitations for personal injury claims is two (2) years. So, the earlier you turn to us, the better.

Claim your FREE consultation and take advantage of our contingency clause. If we fail to win your case, we won’t charge you for our services. Contact us today.


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