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Motorcycle Accident

Los Angeles Motorcycle Accident Lawyers

Get some of the finest personal injury attorneys in California on your side when you file for claims or press charges against negligent drivers who caused your motorcycle accident.

Our motorcycle accident lawyers in Los Angeles have years of experience in representing victims of motorcycle accidents in mediations and trial court hearings. With LA Car Accident Lawyers on your side, you can be rest assured that your welfare is foremost in the minds of your attorneys.

Relevant Laws on Motorcycle Accidents

California mandates that all motorcycle riders must wear a helmet compliant with the safety requirements of the Department of Transportation. Additionally, they should wear face and eye-protection gear and protective clothing like leather pants and jackets, full-fingered leather gloves, and over-the-ankle closed boots.

Even if you follow these mandates, however, you can still sustain injuries if a negligent four-wheel driver hits your motorcycle on the road. You should be concerned: out of the 50 states, California has the top 14th highest motorcycle accident fatality rate at 15.1 percent.

Don’t wait until you or someone you love becomes part of the statistic. Learn what you need to do in case you get into a motorcycle accident.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Even if you ride carefully and follow motorcycle road rules, other motorists may not be as careful. In fact, most motorcycle accidents happen because of other people’s inattentiveness.

  • Negligence of four-wheel car drivers
  • Failure of drivers of buses, trucks, and other elevated vehicles to check their rear-view mirrors for motorcyclists right beside them
  • Refusal of four-wheel drivers to yield the right-of-way
  • Four-wheel drivers turning left in an intersection without slowing down or checking the left, right, and front for nearby motorcyclists
  • Four-wheel drivers overtaking without checking for incoming or tailgating motorcyclists
  • Flaws in public works, such as open potholes, uneven pavements, and debris, on the road

We will help you establish the facts that prove your accident was indeed because of these or other similar causes. This is how we can win the compensation you need and deserve.

Things Motorcycle Accident Victims Must Do

You’ll need information to support your lawsuit or claims for compensation whether you are the driver or passenger of a motorcycle. For this, you’ll need to call our motorcycle accident attorneys in Los Angeles right away. We can secure the information you need, along with other evidence that can help build your case against negligent drivers.

  • Name, contact information, and license of the driver at fault
  • The license plate of the vehicle at fault
  • Photographs of the crash, including the damage to your motorcycle and your visible injuries
  • Video from nearby CCTV cameras or dash cameras from nearby vehicles

The statute of limitations for personal injury claims in California is only two (2) years. You have to gather all relevant documents regarding your injuries, especially findings of latent ailments that emerge at least one (1) year after your accident. Our Los Angeles motorcycle lawyers can guide you on this matter.

Compensation and Benefits You Can Claim

Injured drivers and passengers of motorcycle accidents may file claims from the responsible party’s insurance company for:

  • Medical expenses, including rehabilitation and life care
  • Lost wages (e.g., having to stay confined in the hospital)
  • Impairment or disability which limits your capacity to make a living
  • Property damage
  • Insurance bad faith
  • Pain and suffering
  • Loss of consortium
  • Punitive damages
  • Wrongful death

LA Car Accident Lawyers’ personal injury attorneys in California strive to secure compensation for these financial losses and physical and emotional repercussions of negligent drivers’ actions.

Get in touch with our motorcycle accident lawyers in LA. Our contingency-payment format means we won’t charge you if we don’t win your case. Contact us today and schedule your FREE consultation.


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